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Calm kids?  Yes, please!  This box includes some of my favorite things to balance out my kids and their energy.  Our partnership with My Herbal Box has been a life saver for me.  Here are my favorite kid things in 1 box...


  • Gryph & Ivyrose Moisturizing Balm.  Full disclosure here, Luca has taken the hand-washing during the pandemic to a whole new level.  Because of it his hands are so dry!  This product has been the only thing that works!  It's great for Eczema as well. 
  • Gryph & Ivyrose Probiotic Chocolate Hearts.  Yep, chocolate.  My kids love them!  No dairy, no soy, no gluten, no corn, no eggs and no preservatives.  Just all the good stuff.  
  • Gryph & Ivyrose Forceshield.  This is like having your own protective bubble.  It can be a little unnerving sending kids back to school or into public places.  This helps boost their own immune system to keep them healthy and safe.  Just a few drops each morning in a non-citrus juice. 
  • Gryph & Ivyrose Belly Works.  This little tonic is a blend of botanicals to support a healthy digestive system.  Add a few drops each morning in a non-citrus juice.  
  • Fat And The Moon Calm Kid Mist.  I'm not kidding, this is one of my go to's at night.  Pre-pandemic when my husband was traveling a lot, getting the kids to bed was so hard.  We made it a ritual, once they settled in bed, I would spritz this over them which then makes them take deep breaths to smell the scent.  Deep breaths help produce the calming effect I needed to get them to settle.  
  • EVOL shirt for kids.  You pick the color and size.  EVOL on the front so when they see their reflection, they can read LOVE! 

Calm Kids Box

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