Food as Medicine for Autism

I am what the social media world calls an #autismmom.  My son, Luca, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder shortly after his 4th Birthday.  My husband and I were devastated and found ourselves in a whole new world we had no idea existed.  The first few months were the hardest; coordinating therapy, getting insurance approval for therapy, waiting for test results.  Lots and lots of waiting.  And in the waiting, I immersed myself in research into all the therapies out there.  And Luca immersed himself into letters and fonts.  At four years old, he taught himself to read and was convinced that he needed to learn every font that existed. 

Luca was particularly frustrated with words that were written on glass windows and doors.  He couldn’t understand why the words would be in reverse when seen from the other side.  It took about a month of constant explanations for him to move on past this frustration.  When he finally accepted the concept, he went into our backyard and on our planter boxes, he wrote the word LOVE completely in reverse.  My initial thought was “a lot of kids write that way in the beginning.  I’ll teach him the right way.”  So, high on my horse, I w