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How to Handle Picky Eaters... tips and tricks

Getting Picky Kids to Eat Healthy.

I had a wonderful time chatting with Jessica Bell of ReVessel. today.  Here are my takeaway notes, including tips from Jessica and useful resources/links.  Thank you Jessica! 

  1. Do your research. Find out for yourself the gut/brain connection, and how important a healthy gut microbiome is for an optimally functioning brain.

  2. Do your research. Look into the molecule Glyphosate and how its properties can affect your gut/brain connection. 

  3. Once you’ve researched these things, you’ll find that you don’t have any other choice but to change the foods you and your kids are eating. Shop organic or start your own garden!  It’s about getting back to whole foods from their source and getting away from packaged convenient foods.

  4. Set clear expectations and intentions for you and your family and get everyone on board. Stop hiding healthy foods in smoothies and soups.  Instead teach your kids about the benefits of each food.  Create a story board around it! 

  5. When trying out new foods on your kids, you sometimes have to attempt it 10-15 times. And change its form and get creative.  Example, cut the carrots into ovals so your child can use them to dip into hummus! 

  6. Check out the resources from Jessica below and reach out to her or find your own community of people that will support your new resolve.

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